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Our worldwide network of CWIG members is integrally involved in the chest wall community speaking at conferences and meetings, and receiving prestigious recognition in their fields of expertise.

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We are honored to invite you to an exclusive live surgery session led by the renowned expert Dr. Hyung Park. Dr. Hyung Park is known for his innovative techniques and extensive experience in surgery. This is an invaluable opportunity to observe and learn from one of the leaders in the field, and it will be an ideal occasion to expand your knowledge and skills.

Event Details

June 18, 2024
Seoul, South Korea

(Korean Standard Time)
3 AM CET (Central European Time)
June 17, 2024
(Eastern Standard Time)
6 PM PST (Pacific Standart Time)

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Live Stream Link

Event Agenda

Introduction and Case Presentation
Brief overview of the patient and the surgery to be performed.

Live Surgery
Real-time observation of the surgery, with comments and explanations by Dr. Hyung Park.

Q&A Session
Opportunity to interact with Dr. Park and address questions directly.

We look forward to your presence at this exceptional event.

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