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CWIG History
The history of CWIG (Chest Wall Interest Group) began in April 2008 as a collaborative effort between
Dr. Mustafa Yuksel from Turkey, Dr. José Ribas M. Campos from Brazil, and Dr. Ivan Schewitz from South Africa. Their passion for pectus deformities propelled their mission to provide a forum for colleagues who shared the same interest in pectus deformities to exchange, confer, and educate about these deformities. 
The seed that grew CWIG stemmed from the calling of practitioners studying and developing innovative methods to treat congenital chest wall deformities and tumors to establish a communication channel with members worldwide.  

In 2010, Dr. Donald Nuss and his team contributed their experience and expertise in congenital chest wall deformities and tumors by joining CWIG, and establishing the organization's foundation.  That same year, CWIG launched its first website and began communicating with other practitioners worldwide. In 2014, CWIG changed its organization's name to represent the global presence of its members at the suggestion of Dr. Donald Nuss and became the Chest Wall International Group. 

Since its inception in 2008, CWIG has grown from 34 members to a vast network of over 350 distinguished members spanning seven continents. CWIG has become an influential and vital component of the medical community through the inspirational vision of all the founding members.
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